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My, my, my where do I begin?!?!? I should probably say that I wouldn’t be back on the “press” if it weren’t for a great person and a good friend who told me he misses my writing and the content…. Thank you for that!!! And on that note I apologize to those who did follow and were left behind.

In all honesty I never thought people read what I wrote and just used this blog as a venting tool. On top of that I took a few years off to figure myself out, instead of jumping from one blind date to the next (and one relationship to the next). For that reason there was nothing to write here on the public forum, as I was cleaning out my closet.

Not too long ago I resumed my dating rituals, but thought it would be best to keep it off the “press”. Then after speaking to my aforementioned friend and a family conversation that took place last night during the Jewish New Year (Happy New Year – 5772!!!) I came to the conclusion that perhaps my rants and vents could help the men and women in this Bukharian dating world.

I have lots to say and lots to discuss, starting with my current dating experiences, as well as pointing out pitfalls and suggesting comebacks that Bukharian men can use while going on their blind dates. I will suggest ways our women can help our men in making these blind dates more comfortable. I’m also thinking about interviewing some of my happily married Bukharian friends (they do exist!!!!!) and see what tools they used to create lasting and healthy relationships with their spouse. Lastly and this was in the works for a good three years, I will do something I’ve talked about to many but never actually did… I can’t reveal what it is because people may find out who I am based on this project. I will say this if it goes well and becomes a success I will share it here for sure.

On that note, please wish me well on this Take II and lets get this PARTY STARTED!


Several weeks ago I met a guy at the pool hall.  There were six of us, three girls and three guys.  We had a great game of pool and as time went on, one of the guys began to show interest in me.  He is tall, lean, good looking, definitely my type.  The other two guys were good looking too, but one had a kid, and I don’t usually date guys with baggage.  The other one was off limits cuz he was interested in my friend.  So Mr. Wonderful, lets call him Pavel, was great.  I was interested in him physically for sure.  It was time to figure out what he’s like inside.  Unfortunately the Daddy and Mr. Wonderful had to leave early and soon after they left, we left too.  As we were paying for the bill we realized that those two left us to pay for the bill that they should have chipped in to cover as well.  That should have tipped me off that he’s a looser.   We never did exchange numbers and that was the end of it, or so I thought.

My friend Jen decided to throw another get together and invited Pavel because she found out from Daddy that Pavel had a crush on me.  I, of course was soo thrilled by this, I mean I never had a guy crush on me before.  I was looking forward to seeing him again now more so then before.  The party was held at a place I absolutely don’t like, but I had no say in the matter.  When I saw him I was all girly and giggly.  We danced, we grinded, we “talked” or was it shouted at each other stupid pleasantries.  At the end of the night the guys walked Jen and me to my car and that’s when we exchanged numbers.  I was excited, finally I met a guy who seems cool and doesn’t go to my gym.  Yes! Read More »

I try to live each day today

without the shadows of yesterday

When I succeed the day is great

But when i fail, i feel the dread of yesterday

Take over everything:

The positive of what can be.

Today, tomorrow, everyday.

Next time you think of yesterday,

Remember that today

Is nothing more than a clean slate of yesterday.

And live each day, without fear or dread of yesterday

It has been a while since I wrote here, partly because I was trying to figure out my life as a trainer.  One thing for sure, being a trainer is not as easy as it looks and it’s definitely challenging.  One thing I noticed, selling is not the way to get clients.  Rather, listening and empathizing with a client and sometimes turning a client away if you don’t see each other as a good fit is what makes my work fun and challenging.

I’m happy to say that as tough as it was for me in the beginning I was able to finally break the shell and I know have more clients, thanks to that.  Much of my success is to my trainer Mike.  Thanks to him and his frankness I was able to see that being a trainer is first about being a friend, and being able to help the person.  So slowly and surely things have been turning up.

One more thing, thanks to CrossFit and Mike I can now do three military push ups as well as pull ups with assistance.

I have started training with a trainer who specializes in CrossFit training.  All I can say is that by the time summer comes I’ll be able to do a military push up and a rubber band assisted pull up.  Something that I have never been able to do.

Check them out, their workouts are fantastic…

We all have this one time we wished we said it all to that someone.  What ever the reason maybe have been we didn’t.  Here is a dilemma I’m faced with today:

Should one clear the air, (only) to muddy the water?

What do you think?

A great way to figure out what a person is like would be as simple as shaking their hand. The most amazing thing I find about people is how strong or weak their handshake is.  You see when a person has a great presence and a great voice a handshake can make or break your opinion of that person.

I recently came across something rather interesting.  I met one of the former trainers of NYSC and he being polite said hello and shook my hand.  I know that I have a strong handshake, because I was taught that nobody likes to shake a limp limb.  The trainer seeing that I have a strong shake commented on it and then decided (while he was still holding my hand) to show who is the boss by squeezing my hand even harder.  He squeezed so hard that after he let go of my hand – I had to shake it out.  I have had met this person before and could not really place him, but knew that I didn’t like something about him.  His handshake reaffirmed my feelings.   I suspected that he was the type of person who would try and overpower and push on people his ideologies.  And I was right.

That said, next time you shake hands make sure your hand is one you would want to shake and not an over-eager or overly-limp shake.  In this day and age nobody likes a debutant shake, so for a girl shake hands with many people and find the shake that you like best and then emulate it.  As for guys same concept goes, and please whatever you do, don’t over squeeze a lady.  We know you are strong and macho; you don’t need to prove it to us by squeezing the life out of our hands.

In the day of modern technology, making plans, altering them and breaking plans has become second nature.  With that comes the inability to look forward to seeing something, or someone.  Which leads to high inpatient factors as well as many miscommunications and misunderstandings.

That said if you were waiting for someone, whose phone accidentally died and there was no way for that person to get in touch with you.  How long would you wait for them?

Did you ever wonder why people hug?  When close friends see each other they exchange hugs.  When people haven’t seen one other for a really long time they hug out like crazy, picking each other up and sometimes even twirling them around.  When we are saying our goodbyes we tend to hug off before we go our separate ways.  When we feel amazing or we feel sad, we hug.  So what’s in a hug?

When we hug we exchange information through out bodies, the energy we carry at a particular moment in time is like an aura about us.  When we feel happy and hug somebody else, they too will feel that joy and happiness, because you radiated it to them through your body.
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It has been a while, a long while since I have danced.  Aside from a hurt knee that I have been babying and strengthening, I had no desire to dance, choreograph or listen to music which would inspire me to want to do all of the above.  About a week ago I saw a belly dancer dancing and the way she moved was so breathtaking that it brought back so many awesome memories.  Watching her dance, move gracefully about the floor, twisting, shimmering and contouring her body in a very controlled, fluid motions made me want to dance along side with her.

That same day I tried dancing and boy what a disappointment it was.  Though I can still move my torso fairly well.  My legwork needs so much improvement, especially turns and bends, which require knee and back use.  I’m so glad to have seen her dancing because she has inspired me to go back to dancing.  And thanks to Pink’s new song ‘Sober’ I’m working on dance choreography.